Here you’ll meet new people and make new friends and memories. This unit is a group for young people where you can get together and do your own stuff with your mates, have a laugh and enjoy yourself.

The leaders here are very friendly and will help you with anything you need. During your time at this unit, you will learn new skills like how to build a campfire, how to setup a tent and many other things you will do in your badges.

21st World Scout Jamboree

You don’t have to come every week. It doesn’t matter how long you’re at the hospital, you can join us when you feel like it. If you have a brother or sister who wants to come that’s ok too.

Everyone at Leeds Hospital Guides & Scouts are kind and friendly people, so you don’t have to worry about feeling left out because everyone will include you and make you feel welcome.

We do have a few rules, for example:

  • Please wear sensible shoes in case we go outside
  • Respect everyone in the unit, if that’s another Guide or Scout or a leader or helper
  • Try and join in as much as you can


You don’t have to wear a full uniform at this unit (it’s usually nice and warm in the hospital) but we will give you our unit neckerchief to wear if you want to.

We do lots of fun activities and badges such as World Cultures, Chocolate, Cooking and many many more. You can choose what you’d like to do – just talk to a leader and they can help you get started.

You will never be bored at Guides & Scouts – that’s for sure! It’s always interesting and fun for everyone. Overall Guides & Scouts is amazing and you’ll definitely feel welcome and have a great time.

Written by Freya, aged 14