Wade’s Charity boost our outdoor programme!

In the summer we were awarded a £1500 grant from Wade’s Charity, one of the oldest charities in Leeds. Here’s how we’ve spent the money to support outdoor activities at Leeds Children’s Hospital so far and how we plan to spend the rest to make our programme even better.

Wade’s Charity focus on providing charitable grants and open spaces in Leeds and so we applied for a grant to help us boost our outdoor programme. Everyone knows that outdoor adventure is a HUGE part of the Guide and Scout experience and six months into the running of our group the grant came at the right time to help us invest in equipment for all our young members to enjoy.

Storage has proved a big problem as our meetings are based at Leeds General Infirmary where space is already at a premium for providing brilliant patient care. But our volunteers knew what to do!

One sunny weekend in August our collections driver, Will, boarded out a spare cupboard at a leader’s house using recycled materials giving us plenty of safe, dry space to store outdoor equipment. Hurray!

storage cupboard

Brand new storage cupboard ready for our equipment!

So far we’ve stocked up on small items of outdoor play gear – such as a cricket and rounders set, magnifying glasses for our bug hunts and gardening gear for keeping our own patch of the Rose Garden neat and tidy.

We’ve also invested in some outdoor cooking equipment which we’ve made excellent use of (we’ve even used them indoors to make a corned beef hash on a Senior Section night!)

indoor cooking

We’ve used the cooking equipment indoors too when we can’t get outside!

We’ve only spent a small proportion of the grant so far but come winter (and the sales) we have plans to invest large amounts in camping gear, including a special wheelchair-friendly tent (we did have a supplier marked out in America but they’ve stopped making them, so we’re back to the drawing board.)

Leeds’ County Guide Camp is coming up in May 2018 so we’re hoping to pilot our first proper overnight camp at the fabulous Waddow Hall in Clitheroe – the grant will provide everything we need in the form of canvas accommodation, cooking equipment and other gear needed to take our first group of young ladies on this special outdoor adventure.

We’d like to thank Wade’s Charity for considering us for their grant scheme – your support has allowed us to extend our programmes in a way that will sustain the unit for years to come.

If you’d like more information about Wade’s Charity please visit their website here. Please note that Guide & Scout groups in Leeds should contact their County Commissioner if they wish to make a submission to Wade’s Charity.


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