Unit funds boosted by Leeds SOUP win

What a night last night was! Have you ever heard of Leeds SOUP? Thanks to all the lovely people that bought tickets and sponsored their fab fifth event we were given £2500 startup funds for the unit!

Leeds SOUP is a microfunding project. Basically everyone pays £10 for a ticket and all the money goes into one big pot. Four project pitch to the guests (we think there were about 100 people at last night’s event!) and then the guests vote for their favourite by popping their token in a box. The project with the most votes gets all the money from the night.

The Leeds Hospital Guide & Scout Unit was chosen to pitch at their fifth event which was held at Leeds Dock last night – and our Captain, Laura, stepped (nervously) up to the plate to tell everyone about why we wanted to set the unit up.

She says “I only had five minutes to tell the audience about our wonderful unit and all the experiences we hope it can provide for young patients and their families when we open at the end of the year. It was a bit scary, but I really enjoyed being able to share why we’re doing it with a new group of people.

“We got some brilliant questions at the end and plenty of people came up to me afterwards to tell me how Guiding or Scouting had changed their life, but when they announced that we’d won I almost cried. £2500 will set us up for our entire first year – which is just fantastic!”

A huge thank you to everyone that voted for us, came to listen to us pitch, bought tickets, donated money and sponsored the event.

We’d also like to give our thanks to Sophie Greenwood at Ahead Partnership for her support in preparing for the pitch, and the Leeds SOUP team for running such a fantastic event and giving us the opportunity to win money that has set us up for a fantastic start.

You can find out more about Leeds SOUP on their website here. If you’re considering applying to pitch then we can definitely recommend it.

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